Wrinkle Worries - How to prevent Wrinkles at Home
By Andrea Loh and Tricia Tay

Wrinkles can happen to anyone, not just older people who have lost their elastin.

Wrinkles can be a sign of dehydration or vitamin and mineral deficiency. When your body isn't getting the nutrients it needs, your skin will suffer first. In many cases, the skin begins to wrinkle before its time because it is starved for nutrition. While you could go for expensive, expensive treatments such as Botox and facial masks, read on to find out how you can effectively prevent wrinkles at home with just a few self-care tips and tricks!


UV radiation, mostly from sunlight or invasive laser treatments to get rid of hyperpigmentation, breaks down the skin's connective tissue which lies in the dermis, or the inner layer of skin. When the connective tissue has deteriorated, your skin will then lose its elasticity and suppleness. Therefore, it takes on the appearance of sagging and wrinkles. Hyperpigmentation is also an issue for For every woman who wishes to age gracefully, the sun is a nightmare! 


Sunscreen is your best friend. Using SPF30 and above as recommended by dermatologists is imperative to protecting your skin from drying in the sun like leather, taking on an aged appearance. Sunscreen blocks these harsh UV rays from penetrating the skin and breaking down your cells. All of us would love to have younger-looking, radiant, and healthy skin. By slowing down fine lines and signs of aging as well as strengthening your skin, sunscreen should be your natural choice for reducing sunspots as well as preventing melanoma (skin cancer) leading to a more supple and less wrinkly skin overtime. Use Phytolene's For Professionals DERMA Turnaround Solar Protector (SPF30) for sufficient coverage from the sun with added benefits or sMTS' Dual HA: Sun Block SPF44 PA ++ that provides lightweight and comfortable wear throughout the day with minimal fragrance. 


Unfortunately, it’s true. People with dry skin types are more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles appearing on their faces much earlier than their oily and normal skin counterparts, as the natural oils and sebum in oily-prone skin keep the face looking supple and moist. . Dehydration in the skin weakens its defense and creates skin sensitivity, irritation, and premature aging. Your stratum corneum (topmost layer of skin) typically protects your skin and maintains its water level. However, external factors like air-conditioning, harsh weather, too much washing, and alcohol and strip your skin of its natural hydration. However, fret not! These types of wrinkles are the easiest to correct with proper skin hydration and moisture.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that captures water within the deepest layers of the skin contributing to its density. Hyaluronic acid is there for you and all your skin needs. A simple at-home remedy would be to use the Hydra Medic Set to fully restore the moisture your skin needs to rejuvenate itself to be more glowing, healthy, and radiant. Hyaluronic acid is safe for all skin types and doesn't typically lead to any adverse reactions when applied topically.


Using BEAULITE's Hydrating Moisturizing Cream or your regular face moisturizer every day can instantly improve the appearance of wrinkles. With vitamins A, C, and E, they can protect the skin from harmful environmental factors and maintains the skin barrier function.
Correct fine lines that appear around your eye contour area with preventative measures by pampering your eyes wit
Eye Circle Fluid (20ml) or Eye Energizing Ampoules (2ml x 10 Vials) for a decadent treat. Improving upon the first signs of wrinkles is key to a youthful complexion!

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